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Blue Rose Co.

Our Brand, Custom Embroidery & Apparel 

Blue Rose Co. is your one-stop shop for everything apparel. Shop from our selection of high-quality brand clothing, or explore our custom embroidery and apparel services! Our experienced team of professionals can help you make your vision a reality, 

Blue Rose Co Beeville Texas Embroidery

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Welcome to Blue Rose; we are so happy you found us! My name is Brooke, and I am the owner of Blue Rose. I am happily married to my husband, Ryan & I am currently a stay-at-home mom with our little boy Luca. 
We formed Blue Rose earlier this year; I have always wanted to do embroidery + more and have my own business. I am a licensed Registered Nurse working in ICU/ ED until I was diagnosed with severe Pulmonary Hypertension at 28 weeks pregnant with our son. I was placed in heart failure ICU and stayed there for 34 days. I delivered our sweet baby boy Luca at 31 weeks. He spent 46 days in NICU; during that time, I knew I would not be able to return to work for quite a while due to my health and started creating the business I had dreamed of. I decided to take a leap of faith & Blue Rose was born! A blue rose symbolizes hope
and attaining the impossible; it fits perfectly after everything I have been through this year. Never lose hope, even on your most challenging days. 

- Brooke 

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